Welcome to Blooming Valley Mini Llamas & Mini Silky Fainting Goats.  Our miniature llama and silky goat farm is located about 15 minutes from the Lake Michigan shoreline in the historic "Blooming Valley" region of Shelby, MI.

At Blooming Valley Minis we are "Pursuing Miniature Excellence" by selectively breeding AMLA registered miniature llamas that have great conformation with correct body proportions and small size.  Other qualities we are selecting for in our mini llamas are soft fiber, show presence and lovable personalities.  We are breeding for excellence in our mini silkies by breeding MSFGR registered goats for extreme coats that are also well proportioned, have an elegant appearance, great conformation and friendly personalities. 

We have chosen to keep a select herd of miniature llamas and miniature silky fainting goats so we can give each of them personal attention every day, whether they are our babies, females or males.  All of our babies are worked with right from birth.

We welcome and encourage your questions about our miniature llamas or miniature silky fainting goats. Please feel free to call or e-mail about any of our minis or for a visit to our farm. It would be a great pleasure to show you our herd and to share our passion for the miniature llama and miniature silky fainting goat with you.

Blooming Valley Minis
Julie & Derek Sines

Shelby, MI  49455

(231) 742-0931

This page was last updated: July 6, 2014
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"Pursuing Miniature Excellence"

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